Our Mission

We are inspired by the Aegis, the shield used by both Olympian gods and Greek heroes. We want to protect you, fortify you, and share our knowledge with you so that you can wisely, intelligently and strategically build your infrastructure to withstand the daily grind and not interrupt your business. We also want to defend you if and when a crisis hits, and you need to recover as quickly as possible.

We can’t stop living and breathing this work. Place us in front of any random machine, and we can’t resist fixing it. After a day full of back-to-back clients, we go home and continue to explore new technologies to learn - for fun. From networking to complete back-end server support, we help businesses develop a solid and functional infrastructure, as well as service their day-to-day needs with helpdesk support.

We do this for biotech startups, construction companies, insurance companies, inventors, and more. Our huge range of clientele reflects our huge range of projects - if your business, in any way, uses a keyboard and a display monitor, then our mission is to help you turn that workstation into a reliable and incredibly helpful piece of equipment, integral to your operation.

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